“Just as the bird sings or the butterfly soars, because it is his natural characteristic, so the artist works.”
- Alma Gluck

Copywrite That. provides all the content that your business needs. Content like blog posts, website copy, newsletters, articles, short-form posts (Facebook, twitter), about pages, employee bios, case studies and company profiles.

The company is owned by me, Jenn Flynn-Shon. I'm a freelancer with oodles of online publishing experience. How oodle-y you ask? My first piece went live in 2001 and I've been publishing ever since.

So yeah, pretty oodle-y.

Since that first piece I've written a lot of content for my clients too. I love making them look and read like the rock stars they are!

I specialize in writing for the Green industry, construction/DIY, and tips for living the writer's life. But I'll learn any industry and brand the content with your company's unique personality.

Basically, I'm going to make your business kick butt. Period.

Sound rad? Then check out my Portfolio page and then let's get your content package started!

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Welcome to Copywrite That.

I'm Jenn Flynn-Shon and as you could probably guess, I'm a Writer. My love of words began at a very young age and from that day on you wouldn't catch me without a pen and a journal. Writing has been a passion since age 12, a career option since 2001 and an income producing way of life since 2008.